“Wouter helped us to bring structure and consistency in the abundance of input and opinions. A crucial element in the adoption of the new identity was Wouter being able to empathise with the franchisees. Which led to a brand document that conveyed a sense of pride. Furthermore, it was a clear brand story that took away the internal resistance against change. This clarity also allowed us to consistently roll out the identity in a broad range of media. In short, thanks to Wouter, all Autotaalglas-stakeholders embraced the new brand promise relatively quickly.”
Barry Schwarz, Founder en partner Addikt

Together with design agency Addikt I repositioned car damage brand Autotaalglas in 2021. First, I went through several strategy documents that didn’t really align, nor did they adequately address the needs of the modern-day consumer. Based on these documents, and a series of interviews with the CMO and a broad group of stakeholders (Autotaalglas is a franchise brand), I formulated the brand document. Especially the brand promise and values (together with the sub values and design fundamentals) formed the brief for a new visual identity. Subsequently Addikt developed an entirely new, fresh identity that represents the (digital) ambitions of the brand and its market.