Brand stategist

Ever since I worked at the trade mark department of Unilever, in 1998, I have aspired a career in brand building. After a short legal career (during which I also worked as a lawyer at Boekel De Nerée) I switched to advertising in 2003. I worked as a strategist at McCann Erickson en Lowe/Draftfcb and started to work for myself in 2008. In 2017 I became a marketing director at MTV in New York. It was a fantastic experience, but in 2018 I returned to Amsterdam to do what I like most; positioning brands and developing distinctive brand identities.

Writer/ Lecturer

Besides my work as a strategist, I also love writing. In 2008 I founded the international advertising blog Amsterdam Ad Blog. After 8 years, an innumerable amount of posts, columns and interviews, and a substantial following, I quit the blog to focus my energy on another sideline; creativity. About this topic I published the book Defining Creativity in 2014 (2de druk 2016), which concisely, yet scientifically explains what creativity is and how it works. De Utrecht School of the Arts has adopted the book in its curriculum and twice a year I give lectures there. Over the years I have also given lectures at other educations, among which NYU, Colombia University and Boston University. In 2019 I also started a podcast, called Creative Achievers, in which I interview creative minds. I am also working on a second book, about innovation.


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