Learn in half a day how to write a brand strategy

Who, what and how?

This half-day clinic has been created for all founders, leaders and marketeers that don’t have the budget for an external brand positioning project or the knowledge/ tools for an internal project. Along the lines of my '4P Brand Canvas', I teach your (marketing) team (maximum 4 participants) which elements should be part of a solid brand strategy and how to formulate it. During the clinic we will also conduct two workshop exercises with post-its; Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and the Carl Jung’s Archetype-model.


A clear and ambitious brand positioning is the way to let your business grow. After all, it creates internal synergy (so that everyone in your organisation builds toward the same dream), distinctiveness (so that you can claim your own domain), added value (so that customers understand the value of your brand), and brand preference (so that customers really want your brand).


  • What are the do’s en don’ts when positioning a brand?
  • How do I write a brand strategy through co-creation?
  • The Boon Strategy '4P Brand Canvas' (with instructions for use).
  • How to use the Golden Circle in a workshop?
  • How to use the Archetype model in a workshop?


€ 950,-- (excl. VAT)