From start to finish in three steps.

01 Research

To truly understand your brand, I conduct desk research and interview employees, customers and possibly other stakeholders. I do these interviews one-on-one or sometimes through qualitative research – with a dedicated research design and questionnaire. The most important learnings sourced from this research, serve as input for my workshops and lay a solid foundation for the eventual brand strategy.

02 Workshop

In my workshops we explore different strategic routes and elaborately talk about the culture in your organisation. With the help of my ‘4P Brand Canvas’ (4P: Purpose, Potential, Personality, and Proposition) we explore the essence of your brand. We use tools such as the SWOT-analysis, Golden Circle and Archetype model. Next to that I try to get everyone on the same page. These workshops are not just the stepping stone toward a brand strategy, but sometimes also toward a brand identity, brand name, creative product or roadmap.

03 Brand foundation

At the end of the journey the most important output is a document that clearly and in an inspiring way describes your brand. It answers questions like; what is the brand heritage, what is its added value, how is it positioned against the competition, what personality traits does it have, what is its target audience? The document thus forms a solid foundation underneath your brand, so that everyone that encounters it (via, for example, brand meetings, onboarding, pitch decks and creative briefs), will be building the same brand.