Press releases that make you look bad

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 16 September 2015

10 tips for agencies that write their own press releases At Amsterdam Ad Blog we’ve received thousands and thousands of […]

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My seven-year itch

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 9 September 2015

Wouter Boon explains why and how he is changing Amsterdam Ad Blog. It has hit me. After seven years of […]

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Lost in Translation

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 28 July 2015

The words ‘black bastard’ caused a heated discussion among ad folk this weekend. Wouter Boon explains why it disappointed him. […]

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What design can actually do

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 28 May 2015

Last week I visited What Design Can Do (WDCD) in the Stadsschouwburg. The two-day conference was celebrating its 5th anniversary and since I’ve […]

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Why a copyright bank is pretty useless

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 15 April 2015

What to do when you are a small creative agency and a big competitor rips off your work? Not much, […]

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Fuckin’ close to water

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 6 March 2015

Beer commercials form the perfect metaphor for a world where authenticity has become the norm, claims Wouter Boon What’s the […]

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A peek into the future

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 12 November 2014

The many start-ups at the Web Summit in Dublin tell you where the digital world is heading Last week I […]

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The newspaper’s Achilles heel

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 15 October 2014

Newspaper mogul Christian van Thillo (De Persgroep) embraces digital. But that’s not enough, argues Wouter Boon. Last week I visited […]

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Can you make the logo smaller?

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 4 September 2014

Why it didn’t surprise me that Abercrombie & Fitch is downsizing its branding. Jes Baker changed Abercrombie’s logo into “Attractive […]

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Two girls, one dog

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 5 August 2014

There was a bit of a stir the past weeks over the Radio 538 ads; two girls licking a German […]

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Hidden Persuasion

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 10 June 2014

One of the most important reasons why ad people can’t always communicate with marketeers is that they like to take […]

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Made in Holland

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 23 May 2014

This column was presented on stage during the first edition of Dutch Digital Design The theme of the very first […]

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Unlike Facebook

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 25 March 2014

As editor-in-chief of Amsterdam Ad Blog I was recently wondering why the traffic on our website has slightly decreased compared […]

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Philips, Innovation and Me

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 14 November 2013

Since yesterday Dutch electronics company Philips has a new logo. It is a redesign of the shield that was introduced […]

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We should be more like 1984

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 18 September 2013

I finally got a chance to read Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson – what a great read! I especially […]

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Inspiration inside the box

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 25 June 2013

One word I’ve heard a few too many times last week at the Cannes Lions Festival is ‘creativity.’ The reason […]

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Stop the Cyborgs?

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 29 March 2013

I recently read an article in Dutch newspaper Volkskrant that mentioned the idea of taking the saliva of all registered dogs. Through […]

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A lie well told

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 11 December 2012

I started my advertising career at McCann Erickson, almost 10 years ago. The CEO at McCann had the agency’s slogan […]

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Constructive creativity

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 13 September 2012

Last week I read that Coca Cola built an app on Facebook to crowdsource happiness. Or in the more formal […]

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I only subscribe to spotified content

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 23 August 2012

I recently rented a film through cable provider UPC. Had never done so before, since navigating through the UPC menu is […]

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Criticize your darlings

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 14 June 2012

I recently read the book Imagine by Jonah Lehrer, a book about ‘how creativity works’. An interesting part of the book is […]

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Re-Publica; Nature finds a way

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 8 May 2012

I visited a digital conference last week in Berlin, called Re:Publica. Symbolically enough I arrived in Kreuzberg (Berlin) on May 1st, […]

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Is Axe watering down its fragrance?

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 20 March 2012

At the moment Axe (or Lynx) deodorant is broadcasting a commercial that promotes their new fragrance ‘Chaos’. ‘Unleash the chaos‘ more or less […]

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KLM embraces everything digital has to offer

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 1 February 2012

If I have to name the advertiser of 2011, I don’t have to think long; it’s easily KLM. The reason? […]

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Amsterdam agencies become their own clients…

Advertising Age, 13 June 2011

…by Bringing Products to MarketBikes, Cookies, Champagne and Mobile Phones Get Innovative Twists From Inspired Creatives, but Making Products Was […]

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Transavia pays peanuts and gets monkeys

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 14 April 2011

In a recent crowdsourcing campaign airline Transavia asked the consumer to come up with a new slogan for the company […]

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Amsterdam becomes hub for small, collaborative agencies

Advertising Age, 12 January 2011

In the fourth wave of international advertising, big isn’t beautiful anymore As a freelance planner I not only work with […]

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Riding the fourth wave of international advertising

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 3 September 2010

Robert Röling, PhD student at the University van Amsterdam (economic geography), wrote an article about his research on Amsterdam’s success […]

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Shell and ‘clean’ don’t match in advertising

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 29 June 2010

While BP pollutes the Gulf of Mexico with around 100.000 barrels of oil per day, British-Dutch oil company Shell is […]

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Amsterdam Abandons the 30-second Spot

Advertising Age, 21 June 2010

Viewpoint: Why Tell Stories in an Expensive Half Minute When Films Can Be Any Length Online When you realize that […]

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The iPhone. For Everybody.

Amsterdam Ad Blog, 19 February 2010

How Apple closed the technology gap between older en younger generations by making user friendly software Recently I came across […]

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