Pricewise owns different online brands that help consumers compare products and services. Through a portfolio-workshop and with all the relevant internal stakeholders, such as a digital designer, the client services manager and the CMO, I positioned the different brands in one single diagram. This was the basis for a brand document with a number of archetypical persona’s that were matched with Pricewise's brands. This project formed the briefing for a set of new visual identities and websites.
Together with Wouter we have put together our brand-puzzle. Wouter asks the right questions. Eliminates noise. And brings things back to their essence. Wouter positions brands unambiguously and dares to think in extremes. But he is also a sharp thinker when it comes to detail. Quite pleasurable and insightful
Giscard Monod de Froideville, CMO Pricewise
In 2018 Unilever launched a new detergent; Less. As the name suggests the brand focuses on using less detergent. Less was developed within a startup and together we positioned the brand. To establish the customer needs, I started the process with qualitative research. The output of this research formed the foundation for my brand document.
One of the reasons why we wanted to collaborate with Wouter is that he not just understands how to position brands, but can also think from a businessmodel perspective. That's how, together with his qualitative research, his brand document drew out a comprehensive and inspiring picture of our market and brand.
Eric Smeding, oprichter Less en Sr Digital & Ecommerce Manager Unilever
Urban Arrow designs electric cargo bikes and is quickly expanding its business around world. That's why I was able to help this relatively young company with a wide variety strategic work; formulating a brand book and a design guide, building a content strategy and optimizing the internal design process. All of these efforts will help Urban Arrow to follow a clear strategic course, create an unambiguous product portfolio and build a brand with a strong, consistent identity.
Wouter has contributed significantly to the process of maturing our brand. On many different levels. The most important one is helping us to formulate a clear brand vision. One of the things that makes Wouter a strong brand strategist is that he is analytical and creative at the same time. So that he has much eye for detail, but never loses the bigger picture out of sight.
Jorrit Kreek, founder en CEO Urban Arrow
Nature Lab organizes leaderships and transformational programs for professionals to embed sustainability in their organisations. The consultancy asked me to reformulate its business and brand strategy aptly and concisely and position them sharply and with a new visual identity.
In a very constructive way Wouter has helped me to think critically about Nature Lab's strategic and business course. On top of that, he put it on paper in a refreshing way, so that it formed the right starting point for more focus and a new visual identity.
Jasper Folmer, founder en CEO Nature Lab
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