Urban Arrow

"Wouter has contributed significantly to the process of maturing our brand. On many different levels. The most important one is helping us to formulate a clear brand vision. One of the things that makes Wouter a strong brand strategist is that he is analytical and creative at the same time. So that he has much eye for detail, but also from a helicopter view thinks about our larger ambitions."
Jorrit Kreek, founder and CEO Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow designs electric cargo bikes and is quickly expanding its business around world. That’s why I was able to help this relatively young company with a wide variety strategic work (mostly together with Tactics Design); formulating a brand and design guide, mapping out the ideal design process, and formulating a product roadmap. All of these products have helped Urban Arrow to follow a clear strategic course, create a focused product portfolio and build a brand with a strong, consistent identity. And by having sourced all the input through workshops, the output of my work is broadly supported within the organization.