Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow designs electric cargo bikes and is quickly expanding its business around world. Since its inception, I have helped the brand with a wide variety strategic work, such writing brand and design strategies, mapping out internal processes, and product development – all through in-depth co-creation workshops. In 2022, I conducted an international qualitative and quantitative research in 4 different markets, in close collaboration with the marketing department. In 2023 this research formed the basis for the development of a new brand identity, which we created together with ad agency Dawn.

“Wouter has contributed significantly to the process of maturing our brand. On many different levels. The most important one is helping us to formulate a clear brand vision. One of the things that makes Wouter a strong brand strategist is that he is both analytical and creative. So that he has much eye for detail, but also inventively thinks about our larger ambitions.”
Jorrit Kreek, founder Urban Arrow