Solarclarity is a (B2B) distributor of solar panels and founded partly with the idealistic philosophy that installing solar panels should be made accessible for the mass – think: ‘power to the people’. The company ambitiously wants to become the best distributor of solar panels in Europe. That’s why they asked me in 2023 to reposition the brand as a true market leader. An important customer insight that emerged in the workshops, became a pillar underneath the brand strategy; the value of a carefree customer journey. An insight that fed into the brand proposition The smoothest race to the roof. This Agency and designer Ralph Booms were responsible for the creative translation into a new visual identity.

“When we started with this strategic process at Solarclarity, we had quite divergent ideas and insights about our brand. What's more, in our market an elaborate brand strategy is a rarity. Wouter was able to get us aligned, which enabled us to make clear choices that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to make. He was the catalyst that allowed us to develop a unique brand strategy.”
Peter Desmet, CEO and founder Solarclarity Group