"When we started with this strategic process at Solarclarity, we had quite divergent ideas and insights about Denim Solar. What's more, in our market an elaborate brand strategy is a rarity. Wouter was able to get us aligned, which enabled us to make clear choices that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to make. He was the catalyst that allowed us to develop a unique brand strategy."
Peter Desmet, CEO & Founder Solarclarity

Solarclarity is an international distributor of sustainable energy systems. In 2013 it introduced solar panel brand Denim Solar to the market, as an alternative for solar panels from China, that were all very similar. The brand, however, was never really positioned, which is why Solarclarity asked me in 2020 to write the brand’s strategy. With a step-by-step plan and a core team of stakeholders, I conducted research, did interviews, lead a strategic workshop – during which we filled out my 3P strategy canvas – and eventually delivered a brand document. Advertising agency This Agency, closely involved during the entire process, translated the brand document into a colourful visual identity and campaign, that revolved around the promise ‘Solar simply sorted’.