Pricewise owns different online brands that help consumers compare products and services. Through a portfolio-workshop and with all the relevant internal stakeholders, such as a digital designer, the client services manager and the CMO, I helped to position the different brands – against two essential market insights. This was the basis for a brand document with a number of archetypical persona’s, matched with the different Pricewise brands. This project formed the basis for business development and the brief for a set of new visual identities and websites.”

"Together with Wouter we have put together our brand-puzzle. Wouter asks the right questions. Eliminates noise. And brings things back to their essence. Wouter positions brands unambiguously and dares to think in extremes. But he is also a sharp thinker when it comes to detail. Quite pleasurable and insightful."
Giscard Monod de Froideville, CMO Pricewise