Mosa Meat

Together with creative agencies Nok Nok Studio and forpeople, and a talented team from Mosa Meat, I wrote the brand strategy for Mosa Meat, a revolutionary product that can largely replace the existing meat industry. Mosa Meat’s groundbreaking product, lab-grown meat, was jointly-invented and developed by professor vascular physiology Mark Post of the University of Maastricht. I organized a series of strategic workshops, wrote a brand document, a design brief and rationale, to define all the ins and outs of this ambitious brand.

“Wouter has laid the strategic foundation for our brand. I an early stage he organized the workshops in which some crucial elements were uncovered that we still use today. “Trust the process” Wouter said. And he was right about that. The process was diamond-shaped, which allowed us to first go deep and broad and subsequently forced us to make choices and become more specific. That is extremely valuable for a brand that is still in the exploring stage of its existence.”
Tim van de Rijdt, CMO Mosa Meat