To truly understand your brand, I not just do research behind a desk, but also interview employees and customers. I do these interviews one-on-one and in focus groups – with a dedicated project scope and questionnaire. The most important learnings sourced from this qualitative research, serve as input for the strategic workshop and lay the foundation for the brand strategy.



To enter the soul of your organization and at the same explore the fitness of different strategic routes, I usually organize a strategic workshop. In this workshop we fill out my ‘3P’ strategy canvas (Purpose, Positioning, Personality) and unlock the essence of your brand. Next to that I align the most important stakeholders as much as possible. These sessions are not just the stepping stone toward a brand document, but also to a design guide, new brand name, brand identity or product roadmap.


Brand document

At the end of the journey the most important output is a document that concisely, clearly and in an inspiring way describes your brand. It contains things like your brand positioning, vision (Golden circle), values and personality (Archetype-model). The document thus forms a solid foundation underneath your brand, which guides the development of your business, brand identity and marketing. So that everyone touching it, contributes to the same brand.