I am also blogger and author; in 2014 I published the book Defining Creativity in which I concisely yet comprehensively explain what creativity is. Along the lines of this book I give lectures about creativity at companies and educations. I also make a podcast in which I interview creative achievers and am writing a second book on innovation.

Strategic brand advice
As Boon Strategy I offer brands and organisations, focused on business development, positioning brands and brand portfolio’s, and developing brand identities and marketing communication.

The essence of your brand
My work consists of discovering market insights and opportunities, and writing brand documents and creative briefings. With these activities I help brands to find their essence and translate it into a solid positioning and distinctive brand identity. I also help brands to brief and review their creative agencies to guard their brand essence.

One of my specialities is the strategic workshop, which is a co-working session between different disciplines within the organisation. In these workshops I push the organisation’s imagination and collaboratively and organically obtain all the relevant input for building a brand document. It is also a way to bring different stakeholders on the same page and create support throughout the organisation.

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